145th Aabirbhab Mahotsab Celebration of Sri Sri Bhubaneshwar Sadhu Thakur

Posted by: BMWCA, Bangalore: 30th Nov 2014

Giri-Githani baro Beyapa-Beibuni,

The historic event "Sadhu Thakur Utsab 2014", in such a large scale was celebrated for the first time in Bengaluru on 30th November 2014. This first ever big celebration of Sadhu Thakur Utsab accomplished mainly because we could galvanize and come together as one big family "To celebrate and enjoy together".

The one and all of those 300+ attended in the event "Sadhu Thakur Utsab 2014", your time and consideration is deep and continually growing. Those contributed but could not make presence because of other commitment and the individual sponsors; because of your support we were able to successfully hold such a large scale event. It was our honor and pride to have the guests within and outside the community. We could launch our "Yari Pori 2014" magazine and it was our privilege to include write ups covering from all respected writers across the country.

The event "145th Aabirbhab Mahotsab Celebration of Sri Sri Bhubaneswar Sadhu Thakur" started with Puja (by RadhaKrishna Aiga) and Aaroti. The stage was beautifully designed, the first ever back drop design conceptualized by Mrs. Urmi Sinha was fantastic. Special THANKS to our celebrity singer Sushanta Sinha (alias Bhajan Samrat), who accepted our request and finally made the event delight full. The performances by our traditional drummers (DAKULAs) Biren Sinha and Bidyut Sinha were outstanding. From across many miles, they reminded us of our very own culture and made the event more colorful. The local artists' performances were remarkable, mainly the child artists Supriti-Jyoti on "Radha-Krishna" dance, Raj Nandhini on Filmi Dance and Sujata on Bihu Dance, along with our regular artists Swapan, Dr. Arunabha and Shila-di on Song performance, dance performance of Sananda on Krishna Bhajan, Brinda Nritya performance by Supriti (Lovely) with Dakula accompanied. Due to time constraint, we regret that we could not provide platform to Sunanda for song performance and RanVijay+Sanju+Rohijit for musical performance. The authentic Bhojan by our very popular master chef Rabindra Chatterjee (Kala Aiga) all together we could feel of "being at home" although we are far away. We had gracious presence of honorable guests - A. Manoharan (CEO, BAeHAL Software Ltd. Bangalore), H. Venkatesh (CMO, BAeHAL Software Ltd. Bangalore), Dr. Simanta Sharma (President, Assam Society, Bangalore), Sampath Kumar (BJP Convenor, North East Sampark Cell), Rana Saha (Senior Mgr, SAIL, Durgapur Steel Plant), Nabendu Sinha (Retd. IGP, Assam Police), to add more glamor to the event.

The fact remains that even we are learning as we are evolving. Moving forward, this first ever initiative will continue to be taken forward by all of us together in the coming years with similar zest.

On behalf of the Utsab Committee, I would like to THANK all.

With Best Regards,
Ramakanta Sinha (Bhanu)
Organizing Secretary
Sadhu Thakur Utsab Committee 2014

Yari Pori 2014 Magazine (High Resolution)

Yari Pori 2014 Magazine (Low Resolution)

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